Health and Welfare Transparency

The following information is required by the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule. The purpose of this page will be to provide users of healthcare a comparison tool for covered items and services. The data here will be updated monthly.


IBEW Local No. 1 Health and Welfare Fund

Pursuant to the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule, these are links to the Welfare Fund’s in-network Machine Readable Medical File* and  in-network Machine Readable Mental Health Substance Use Disorder File which include negotiated service rates between health plans and healthcare providers. If you want the in-network Machine Readable Medical File, you will be directed to the Cigna public webpage here you will need to select the MRF option and then enter the full name of the Welfare Fund “IBEW Local No. 1 Health and Welfare Fund.”  Information on paid out-of-network claims that meet the requirements of the Transparency Final Rule are at this link out-of-network Machine Readable File.  The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

* Medical Link -

* Managed Behavioral Health Link -  (Currently Under Construction)


Alton IBEW- NECA Health and Welfare Plan

Please note the Transparency Rule does not apply to the Alton IBEW-NECA Health and Welfare Plan.



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